SOC 107 – The current scenario is terrible Extreme temperatures High levels of pollution New disease and virus

With finals coming up, I just don’t have time to get this done because of my work schedule.
Powerpoint Presentation
Worth 100 pts
Choose an ISSUE RELATED to Sociology. (Going Green, Elderly in 2016, Elderly and STDs, Birth rates, College Dropouts, Job Scarcity, Divorce Rates, Marriage rates, Anxiety and Exerciser, Depression and Society Pressures, Race, Clean Water, Water rations, ect… hope this gives you some ideals.)You will be expected to create a Powerpoint presentation from the one issueDue on May 27th_________Presentations must include at least 16 slides. Worth 40 pts
________You must include a title slide with your name and the title of the issue. Worth 5 pts
_________You must also include speaker’s notes (in power points), so anyone who is giving the presentation will understand and be able to explain the slides content. (Speaker notes goes under the slide- look for the text box): Worth 30 pts
________Reference information must be included as appropriate in correct APA (6th ed.)on the last side: Worth: 5 pts
________Correct grammar, spelling, complete and correct information, format & creativity: Worth 20 pts
__________ Points /100 Points possible
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