Rough Draft of Final Paper – Corporate executive compensation

RoughDraft of Final Paper
In this course, you have looked atclassical ethical theories of utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics.You have also examined different perspectives on ethical issues introduced byrelativism, ethical egoism, and emotivism. For this paper, you will apply thesetheories and perspectives to a current issue.
Choose an ethical issue to writeabout. You may choose from the list below, or, with approval from theinstructor, select a different socially-relevant topic. It is recommended thatyou choose a topic that you are familiar with or that you have some interest inexploring further. For the purposes of this paper, your topic should pertain toa current area of interest in the news and/or government policy forums.
Corporate executivecompensationCorporate contributions topolitical campaignsHuman traffickingMass incarceration and theprison industrial complexThe media and theirresponsibilitiesDomestic surveillanceWhistleblowing in government orin a businessReligion in the workplaceEthical problems of gamblingProgressive taxation ratesImmigration reform in the U.S.and/or abroadWomen’s equalityIn your paper, you will applyethical theories and perspectives to the issue that you select. You do not haveto use all six, but you should apply at least two ethical theories and at leastone ethical perspective in your paper. Make sure that you write primarily onethical topics and concepts, aiming to be both balanced and intellectuallydriven in your work. You may share your personal views, but do not rely onopinions (yours or those offered by others) to make your case. Think about theevidence that helps to make your case and use it.
Address the following questions:
What are the ethical issues?Where are there breaches ofethical behavior?How could each ethical theoryyou cite help people think about what constitutes virtuous or ethicalbehavior?Your draft must include at leastthree pages of text plus a title page and a references page. Your draft shouldinclude a clear thesis statement that states what you plan to argue. It shouldalso explain how you intend to develop the final paper and include a list ofthe sources you intend to use. You can also use theSociology Research Guide located in the Ashford UniversityLibrary. Format your rough draft according to APA style and properly cite andreference all your sources according to APA format. If you would like to referto APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, located withinthe Learning Resources tab in the left navigation bar of your online course.
Note: The final version of this paperwill include eight to ten pages, plus a title page and a references page, andwill use at least five academic sources.
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