Compare and contrast microsociological and macrosociological perspectives

Please answer the following discussion questions. Each answer must be atleast 200words and follow APA format.Part A:1. Compare and contrast microsociological and macrosociological perspectives.Describe each perspective.Provide two examples of topics that would be studied by sociologists representing each of thetwo perspectives (four altogether – two for each perspective).Provide your assessment of which approach is most useful in understanding how societies work.Explain your reasoning. (SLO 5)2. As the old saying goes, “clothes make the man.”Discuss the significance of clothing as it pertains to social class.In constructing your analysis, make sure to include material from both the textbook and thearticle on uniforms and social class from the interactive reading this week. (SLOs 2, 6, and 7)Part B:A number of different kinds of societies have existed through human history.Briefly describe each of these.Indicate two advantages of the societies which existed prior to postindustrial societies. In otherwords, what are two ways in which these earlier societies seemed to benefit people better thanwhat we find in current postindustrial societies? Make sure to explain the basis for yourjudgment on this. (SLO 2)Submit responses to the Discussion Board under the appropriate thread.
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